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Me Too - Campaign of India

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As of mid-October 2018, the social "Me Too" campaign of India continued to grow and be covered by major media outlets as a topic of importance, with victims outing their abusers on the nearly daily basis. Every other day on the reading newspaper I come across multiple resignations every day of high professionals. Started with a hashtag and became a movement -" to fire, to expel, to ostracize, to pass laws and to change".

The first usage of me too was in 2006 and gaining movement in 2017.

The social media platform encouraged many to come up and speak today, sexual harassment is no new, earlier or now it takes a lot of courage for the person to come up front and speak about. Digitization happened, the cost of being accused of sexual harassment has been low for men and the cost of complaining has been high for women. The social media platform encouraged many to come up and speak today. From MJ Akbar to Chetan Bhagat many faces were brought up front and many allegations can be reckless and it is extremely horrible to be at the receiving end of the accusations are false.

Law cannot define harassment in binary consent; the relationship between the two adults rests on mutual consent. And the consent is fluid, it is never permanent. The movement has gained momentum, but why me too the core concepts might not be still clear to many. A woman struggles hard for the dynamic of power, courage and a voice to choose her dream job. The vulnerable nature of family and their questions keep them off.

The real tragedy is not the loss of reputation of the men but the wounds the women have been carrying for so long. The society, the belief system makes a woman underestimates themselves, and hence they take so long to open up.

#Metoo has given a voice to all the women out there who face issues at the workplace, the anger that has been bubbling up for so long is finally being poured on the internet



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